Reviews, reviews, reviews

This month’s topic — reviews. Love them, hate them, how to get them.

I love to get reviews; that way I know that people are reading my books. I’d be delighted to get more of them. However, I’m as guilty as anyone for frequently reading and loving a book — I’m a voracious reader, and I’m rarely without a book to read — and neglecting to post a review.

What motivates you to post a review? What would it take for you to post more of them?


Marci Baun
Dr. Bob Rich
Skye Taylor
Beverley Bateman
Victoria Chatham
Helena Fairfax
Rachael Kosinski
A.J. Maguire
Margaret Fieland
Connie Vines
Rhobin Courtright

7 thoughts on “Reviews, reviews, reviews

  1. Rhobin

    I also forget to leave reviews on sales sites like Amazon for the books I read. Probably because I read at night in bed and by the time I wake up I have other things on my mind. I guess I should try harder.


  2. Dr Bob Rich

    The only books I sometimes fail to review is the occasional one printed on dead trees. Most of my reading is electronic, so it’s easy: a click or two, and I can rave on.


  3. Rachael Kosinski

    When a book really knocks me head over heels, I’ll hurry to write a review. Usually I make an attempt to at least write a sentence or two, because as an author I know how much that would mean to me!


  4. annestenhouse

    I write reviews for a fair proportion of the books I read, however, where a book is a best seller and already sports 100+, I don’t see the point. I feel my own work has been frustrated a bit by people not posting. Friends and relatives will tell one how much they liked it, but often will not type it up. Therefore, I am hugely grateful to those who did. anne stenhouse


  5. wildchild

    If I like a book, I’ll leave a review. I make it a point of leaving reviews because I know how important they are. I wish I had more people who reviewed my books, too. It’s hard to find reviewers. 😦


  6. okwriter

    I try to write reviews especially for eBook authors and new authors. I know many people depend on them and Amazon insists on them. I know hard it is to get people to write a review.



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