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Meet Author Jo Linsdell

Jo, can you tell us a little about yourself and your work?

Where to start… I was born in Gillingham , Kent ( UK ) on 16th September 1980 and now live in Rome, Italy with my Italian husband and our two year old boy. I came here for three days back in July 2001 and ended up staying. It was actually much easier to do than you’d think. I just kept saying “I’ll stay for just another week…” Weeks turned into months and finally after about 6 months of living out of a backpack I decided to go back to the UK and get more of my stuff.

I’m a freelance writer, writing articles for websites, newspapers and magazines. I cover basically anything connected with Italy , the writing industry and parenting, although I’m always open to new topics too 😉

I’m the author of “Italian for Tourists: Pocket Edition” and “A guide to weddings in Italy ” along with various e-books. Books can be found on and

I’m the founder and organiser of an annual online event for people in the writing industry called ‘PROMO DAY’, where people from all over the world come for a day of promoting, networking and learning at This years will take place on Saturday 15th May.

I manage two award winning blogs; and

I also recently became Editor of Robin Falls Magazine ( which is a fantastic new online magazine for creative souls to show off their talents. Submissions are now open for the Spring issue.

My favourite job though is being a fulltime mummy

understand you’ve just released the pocket edition of “Italian for Tourists.” How long have you lived in Italy , and did you speak Italian before you moved there?

I came to Italy in July 2001. As I mentioned before, with the intention of staying for just three days. Back then I could only just manage saying ‘ciao’. I learnt Italian by listening to people and watching TV programmes. The moment when I really started trying to learn though was when I met my no husband. We met through mutual friends at Piazza Di Spagna and the chemistry was instant. He didn’t speak much English though and so I decided I had to know more for each time we saw each other. Love is a great motivator!

What prompted you to write your book?

There were lots of phrasebooks on the market but they all contained too much information or made it seem complicated to learn Italian. I had worked in hostels and as a tour guide and often heard tourists complaining that they couldn’t find what they were looking for in their phrasebooks. A tourist doesn’t need to be able to negotiate the sale of a house or know how to hire a plumber. What they want is an easy to use book containing the basics to help them get by during their trip. That’s how I came up with the idea for Italian for Tourists.

Everyone that purchases a copy of the book can download a free Homeschoolers Kit from my website which is full of exercises for practising the Italian learnt in the book. Italian for Tourists: Pocket Edition is available from and

I understand you’ve recently become editor of Robins Falls Magazine. Can you tell us a little about the magazine and how you came to be editor?

Robin Falls Magazine is an online publication for creative people to show off their talents. It was created by April Robins (author, radio host and many other talents). The first edition came out in December 2009 and was a huge success. Submissions are now open for the Spring issue (deadline 1st February 2010).

You’re holding another PROMO DAY on Saturday, May 15th. Can you tell us a little about that, and who can participate, and how?

PROMO DAY is an annual online event for people in the writing industry to promote, network and learn. It’s free to attend and open to everyone. Last years event had 1364 visitors and feedback was fantastic.

This years event is set to be even bigger and better. I’m introducing a new forums feature to help make the event more international. This will mean that people from different time zones can participate in all the discussions through out the day, increasing the possibilities for everyone.

The workshops will still be LIVE chats as with previous events. I’m still looking for presenters and moderators for the workshops, so if anyone is interested please email me at Each workshop will last for one hour.

What future projects do you have coming up?

I’m currently working on a novel. It’s a mystery romance set in Tivoli , the small town near Rome where we currently live. Villa D’Este is a large villa in the centre of the town with amazing gardens full of impressive and beautiful fountains. As it’s one of my favourite places, I decided that it would be perfect for my book.

I’m also working on a Guide to Rome.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you for having me here today.

In October 2010 I’ll be guest presenter at The Roman Writers Retreat being held in Rome . I’m really excited about working with the other presenters, Carolyn Howard Johnson and Eve Caram.

I’m organising details so that writers from Europe can take part too. Visit my website for more details on how to be involved.

Jo Linsdell-Feliciani

Visit me at the following websites:

Article and E-book Reprint Strategy By Karen Cioffi

Article and E-book Reprint Strategy
By Karen Cioffi

While it seems most writers don’t allow their articles/posts to be reprinted by others, I have come across a couple of writers/marketers who generously do allow this practice. They allow their posts to be reprinted by other writers to be used on their blogs or in their FREE newsletter. Obviously, anything being offered to reprint should never be reprinted in something you are selling, such as an e-book or report.

I’m surprised that more writers don’t take advantage of this reprint strategy. The benefits seem obvious – let’s look at four of them.

Four Benefits of Allowing Reprints

1.You have written something that someone else views as valuable.
2.You increase your visibility.
3.You increase traffic back to your site.
4.You never know who will see that article/post or where it will end up.

What About Giving Your E-books Away?

I have also seen this reprint practice utilized with e-books, and it peaked my interest. These informational e-books plainly state, in the beginning of the content, that readers may freely pass it along. This technique generates additional visibility and is a great promotional tool and marketing opportunity.

In fact, I recently started taking advantage of this practice with one of my e-books. All the writer needs to do is request permission to offer my e-book as a freebie on their site.
Yes, at present I require permission, but that may change as I begin to write more e-books.

Word of Caution Here

Please remember, it’s essential, when taking advantage of a writer’s reprint offer, to always keep the article or e-book intact. Be sure to use the author’s byline and any other text and links that they have as part of the bargain. It’s a win-win situation: the author increases his visibility and you get an article to use on your blog or in your newsletter, or you get a free e-book to offer on your site.

Drawback to Using Reprints or Offering Them

Obviously, there are a couple of circumstances in which offering or using reprints isn’t advisable, such as: you wrote the article specifically for a magazine or ezine and publishing elsewhere is restricted, or you may not want to use an article with a byline that will send your reader to a site that offers the same services you do (a competitor’s site). But, all-in-all, this is a practical marketing plan.

Why not utilize this practice. It will be a supplemental tool to be used along with your ezine article marketing. These two strategies combined will certainly generate and increase visibility and traffic back to your site.


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Good News about my book

My chapter book, “The Angry Little Boy,” is going to be published by 4RV publishing. Here’s a link to their website:

. I’m thrilled!! It’s my first book. I only started writing fiction in 2006, after I hooked up with Linda Barnett Johnson at the first Muse online writing conference.
Here’s a link to Linda’s website:
And here’s one to the Muse Online Conference. Do sign up for the 2010 conference, to take place in October. It’s fabulous, it’s online, and it’s free.

At the time I had no intention of ever writing fiction, but Linda’s policy was that you joined both the fiction and poetry forums or you joined neither. And so I started writing fiction.

The first version of this story was about 5000 words and I wrote it in a weekend. The present version is just over 11,000 and is probably the third major revision.

Finally — My New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Writers Resolutions

1. Read poetry. This was one of my resolutions last year — and I did well with it. I haven’t read as much over the holidays — time to get reading again.

Trite but true — one of the best ways to improve one’s own poetry is to read lots of other people’s.

2. Write poetry. Write or revise something every day. This is not a problem. What is a problem is remembering to vacuum the house and empty the dishwasher..

3. Finish the draft of my second MG novel. I stopped working on this one when I broke my wrist — but now that my wrist is out of its cast I have no excuse.

3. Submit the math poetry collection to more places — I have some more publishers to check out.

4. Submit more poetry. I did start organizing my poetry — pretty overwhelming. I’ve got hundreds and hundreds of poems. Even though I keep them online in Google documents, the sheer number of poems I want to work on — and want to reorganize — has my head spinning.

Happy New Year

My cast is off, so no more excuses for not working on my new MG novel. I’ve accumulated lots of emails from D who kindly copied me on the email she sends to her band students, and I need to go over them for plot points. Have more ideas on how to continue story. Also, of course, need to read over what I’ve got so far. Lots to do there.

Also have to finish going over the publishers I want to send my collection of math poems to. I’ve sent to two so far. Have about six more I want to check out for suitability. After that need to go over list of publishers again to see if I can find any more. No excuses now that I’ve set up my new printer, with some help from my boys — C. had to help me find the USB port on my computer, and M. had to tell me to reboot to get the print queue activated. It’s the little things that get you every time.