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More progress ..

.. I lost 1/4 lb this week in spite of my food being fairly decent (for me). I exercised five days out of seven.

I also submitted Geek Games, the second Aleyne novel, and will submit the third one, Broken Bonds, tonight.

I’m interviewed on Children’s Authors Radio today

Aleyne’s Mountains

My vision of Aleyne City

My Alien Visions board on Pinterest has some of my digital art work showing my vision of the Aleyne landscape.

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Progress report

National Poetry Month Display @ Forest Hills

National Poetry Month Display @ Forest Hills (Photo credit: mySAPL)

I managed to meet and exceed my walking goal, walking six days out of seven. Nothing prevented me from getting down to the gym at work on Thursday, the day I missed. I simply didn’t get my butt out of the chair and go down there. No excuse.

Still, I lost 3/4 of a lb. Hot diggety. I can’t give progress on measurements, because I didn’t take any last week and haven’t take any this week.

I actually submitted some poems this week, and I plan to submit some more today or tomorrow. Part of the problem is sheer laziness on my part: I’d far rather write than submit, and another is the many, many poems that need to be looked over and organized.

Yes, they’re filed in folders in Google drive. No, I don’t have a good list of what I have and what I want to submit where, blah, blah. Yes, organizing the poems, though important, is way down my list of things I want to do. Sigh.

Naturally, instead of organizing the poems, I wrote another:

Blind Side

Ignore it, hope it goes away,
wanders somewhere else to play,
on the beach in heaps of sand,
plucked by any stranger’s hand,

out of sight and out of mind,
turn my head, pretend I’m blind.
Hurl it over any wall.
Drop it in the shopping mall.

Shoo it out  or make it hide,
in the basement or outside.
Wonder if I’ll be here when
it meanders back again.

Here is the start of a story. Consider adding to it:

Meandering Tale

She was driving down the dark, foggy road at midnight, on too little sleep, and Kate realized she must have made a wrong turn. She’d come to a dead end. Backing the car up and making a three-point turn was beyond her, so she pulled her backpack from the back seat, grabbed her hat and gloves, and climbed out of the car. Stepping through a patch of fog, she became dizzy and crumpled to the ground. When she came to, she realized she’d crossed some kind of barrier and entered a new world.

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Bad metaphors, cliches, and weight loss


After Karina Fabian posted the link on Facebook, I read this article on bad metaphors. Thus inspired, I dug out some of my old poems.

On bad metaphors — bad  metaphors and cliches have no place in a poem. Not, at least, in a serious poem.

Eat Your Sour Grapes

Today is the first day
you ran like a deer —
in the dead of night
you ran like a bat out of hell.

Time and again, you go like the wind
but you can’t get there from here —
all you do is run like a chicken
with its head cut off.


Two Impossible Things

My elbow jabs.
I see the back
of my forearm.

I punch air.
I see a vein pulse
at the crook.

But however I twist,
I can’t see
behind my back,

and try as I might
I can’t get my head
up my ass.


On weight loss – yes, it can be discouraging. And the older I get, the harder it is to take the weight off.

The Trouble with Life

I get older and older,
fatter and fatter,
until I give in,
try on Spring
in the next size,
and it’s already too small.



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Write to Lose

oatmeal with strawberries, sugar-free chocolat...

oatmeal with strawberries, sugar-free chocolate syrup, & sugar-free chocolate chips (Photo credit: Newbirth35)

Karina Fabian has organize twelve of us who are committed to losing weight and blogging about it. We’re committed to six weeks to start with and to sharing our progress. I’ll be blogging about this once a week, and I may share something about the others from time to time. So here it is, the nitty-gritty, the current state of my weight and my plan:


NAME: Margaret Fieland


and the much-neglected

WEIGHT LOSS GOAL: Lose five pounds.

FITNESS/APPEARANCE GOAL: Exercise (walk) at least five days out of the week

WHAT’S YOUR INITIAL GAME PLAN? Plan? What’s that? Um, not much. Cut back on cheese. Continue to stay away from wheat, which aggravates my arthritis. Cut down on my night eating.

ANY INSIGHT TO SHARE? Not much. I’ve been making slow progress. Over the past year, I’ve taken off ten pounds.


Here is a poem I wrote about this:


Sugar addiction
is a brain
It changes

A skilled counselor
can motivate
a sugar junkie
toward recovery
by providing
“You ate
the whole

Professional treatment
can help
as can

Many sugar junkies
go days
without a hit.
They are employed
and appear
to function
except when they
ingest sugar
they crawl
up the wall
and swing
from the chandelier.

Sugar junkies
are unpredictable.
one day
a piece of chocolate,
the next
the whole bar.

Recognize that
may not be
no matter
how many
you eat
there is always

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A Dog Tale

A Silly Story

I got this idea from Maggie Lyons’ blog:

which, by the way, I highly recommend. I wrote the first sentence and now I’m gonna run with it:

Klaus, the Australian Shepherd, hung out in the kitchen, lurking beneath Peg’s feet, hoping she would, as usual, drop a few tasty tid-bits onto the floor, as, careless, she swung the machete she was using to chop the chicken and peppers with wild abandon, leaving a few pieces on the counter and the rest scattered around the room. He swung his large head from side to side. Which tasty morsel to gulp first? Nose to the floor, he started around the room clockwise. A glance told him Peg had started around the other way. She was terribly slow. He managed to swallow most of the chicken before she picked up the first piece, a slice of wing.

“Damn,” Peg murmured. “Maybe that machete was the wrong knife. Now I’ll have to go wring another chicken’s neck.” She stomped out, slamming the door behind her.

Klaus trotted over to the garbage can and leaped on it, upsetting the contents onto the floor. He should be able to get through the better part of the trash before Peg managed to catch up with another of the cluckers out in the yard.


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