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Design Your Own eBook Cover

Create Your Own eBook Cover or Business Logo Design – Three Essential Elements

The cover Karen designed for my book

The book cover Karen designed for me

What author today hasn’t thought of self-publishing a book through Kindle? If a poll were taken, the results would probably be close to 100 percent. Most will have either considered or are considering this new wave of publishing freedom.

It’s also possible that you don’t have a desire to go the Kindle or Smashwords route and simply want to sell what you create from your own site.

Either way, you will need to design an ebook cover or hire someone to do it for you.

And, as a writer it’s very possible you have a writing service. Have you branded yourself and created a business logo design yet?

Creating a logo helps tie all your products and/or service under one roof, under your special brand. While you can get a logo or book cover created on sites like, if you’re adventurous and want it just right, you can easily do it yourself.

Three Essential Elements Needed to Create Your Own eBook Cover or Business Logo Design

1. Find the Perfect Image

The first step to designing a cover or logo is to find the perfect image. Note here that you don’t necessarily need an image for a logo.

This is an easy step: You can take your own photos and upload them onto your computer. Or, you can buy an image from sites such as

Remember, the cover will be a reflection of you and may be the deciding factor as to whether or not someone buys your book.

In regard to the business logo design, it’s much more important than your ebook cover. It’s what you’ll be instantly recognized by. It will be the branding image that ties all your services, other products, and your website together. When potential buyers see that logo they’ll connect it to you.

Your logo needs to convey what you have to offer. It gives the first and most probably lasting impression of what your company or service is all about.

2. Write the Perfect Copy

This will be your ebook cover title and subtitle or the text for your business logo design.

You can separate your heading and your subheading and put the image in between or put it below both the heading and subheading. I usually break the text up and put the image between the text. Here’s an example of the basics of my logo:

Karen Cioffi Writing Services

IMAGE or OTHER (maybe initials)

A Team of Professionals for Businesses and Individuals

You’ll also need to decide on the font, the text color and size. Arial Black is usually a good font to go with and 36 is a good size. But, you do need to test the size to see how it fits and looks on the page. You may have to create two centered lines if it doesn’t fit or look good.

Your subheading should be a smaller font size than your heading. And, for covers, don’t forget to include your name and website url at the bottom.

It’s also essential that you research keywords for your title and logo (if you’re using something other than your name).

3. Color Matters in Your eBook cover or Business Logo Design

Keep in mind that when creating a cover, and especially a logo, the color matters. For more information on choosing the ‘right’ color you can read this article:

“Color Psychology of Logos”

While there is much more involved in actually creating your own ebook cover or business logo design, these are three of the essential elements.

If you’d like a step-by-step instructional ebook showing how to create your own designs using ONLY Microsoft Office 2010, check out:

Design Your Own eBook Cover in 10 Easy Steps


Karen Cioffi is a multi-award-winning author, editor, and marketer.

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Silly rhymes, or how I spent my journal time

Another Image courtesy of MS Paint

Painted with Pixels

I am apparently on a silly rhyme kick.

As you may recall, I started going “Morning Pages,” though mostly in the afternoon, about two months ago. A couple of times recently I have found my head filled with rhyme. Today is one of those days.

So here, folks, are some really silly rhymes:

Cabin Fever

cabin fever, got it bad
cabin fever burns me
cabin fever, flaring up
because my honey spurns me.

cabin fever, raging fire
fire will consume me
fire’s burning me to ash
fever’s going to doom me

cabin fever
cabin fever
cabin fever

Cat and Mice

scittter, scatter, little mice
the cat is going to get you
crawl into the holes tonight
if that cat will let you

kitty, kitty, come away
you would be a damper
round the table as they play
leave the mice to scamper

Dog Digger

the dog’s in the yard
she’s digging a hole
she hopes will go
right down to China

she pushes the dirt
and the grass clumps away
no digging do
could do finer

Tree, Wind

the tree is growing by the pond
the branches hanging over
a breeze is blowing hard today
a ripple in the clover

breeze blows columns
through the grass
on the pond,
see ripples

hawks are circling
as the wind’s strength

wonder when we’ll
go to sleep
wonder when the
wind will

as I lay here,
counting sheep
waiting for it
to still.

hear the air,
it’s whooshing past
listen to its whistle
marigolds will bow
their heads
to the lowly

i’m off to cut and paste to my blog
i’m off to thundering edits
hear the clatter of words
as they race down the page
eager to earn some more credits.