Monthly Archives: December 2009


Merry Christmas, everyone. My after-Christmas present will be to get my cast off next Wednesday. Then I’ll have no excuse for not getting back to my latest MG novel.

Have finished putting together my chapbook for Robert Lee Brewer’s November PAD chapbook challenge. I plan to read it over again and then send it off.

Cast is fraying and ends are giving me blisters — ugh! Have tried padding end with a cut up sock. Let’s hope it helps.

PS: My sister says I forget to tell her I broke my wrist and she had to find out by reading my blog. Oy!

three more weeks

thats how much longer i’m scheduled to be in this cast — can’t wait.

am working on poems for chapbook challenge — lots of them need tweaking, but I have decided on the first and last poems i’m going to use, as well as several of the others. the google docs folder i’m keeping them in needs bigtime organizing — each poem needs its own document, titles need fixing, etc. mucho work.