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Romance Novels

rndrbnlogoTopic: What changes have your seen in romance novels in the past decade? Is there a change in romance novel direction? Is there still a market for non-explicit sex stories?

When I first started reading romance novels, they were simply romances with maybe a shade or two of intrigue. Now a great many novels are romantic suspense, have a touch of mystery, or involve a kidnapping or two. When I first started reading them, the heroes were princes  — or perhaps princes of industry — millionaires, with a luxurious lifestyle. Now they’re more likely to be cowboys or soldiers.


So who am I reading these days? Donna Alward, Diana Palmer, Robin Carr, Norah Roberts, Jayne Ann Krenz, to name a few.

Am I reading the wrong authors, or has the genre really changed so much? Leave a comment and weigh in.

And while you’re at it, check out my science fiction romance, Broken Bonds. Yes, folks, the main character is a soldier.

Beverley Bateman
Fiona McGier
Connie Vines
Skye Taylor
Margaret Fieland
Helena Fairfax
Anne Stenhouse
Marci Baun
Diane Bator
Rachael Kosinski
Rhobin Courtright