Monthly Archives: June 2009

A Milestone

I’ve completed my Institute of Children’s Literature course and I’ll be getting my diploma in the mail shortly.

Now I have to actually submit the short story I wrote for my final assignment.

Plus there’s my chapter book, “The Angry Little Boy,” to submit, and two (so far) rhymed picture books.

Summer Plans

In spite of the fact that my kids are grown and thus not in school, and I continue working at my day job, summer is when I really do end up with more free time, and so I’m busy making my summer to-do writing list.

I plan to submit my chapter book, “The Angry Little Boy,” as well as my rhymed picture book manuscript, “Old Tom Troll,” (needs a new title, I think) and get back to work on my collection of Math poems.

Oh, yes, and do more submitting of my poetry (I’ve been very lax lately) and continue writing.

What are your summer plans?

Math Poems

I submitted, for the first time, six of my math poems to a magazine. {Gulp}. My undergraduate major was mathematics, so at least I have the bona-fides to back them up. And as a matter of fact, I’ve started a bibliography. Yikes. I do hope to get back to writing more of them over the summer.