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Random Poetry Line Generator
Title Generator
Phrase Generator

Poetic Impulses and Finding Your Intuitive Muse…your-intuitive-muse/

Luring back your poetic muse…_back_your_muse.html

Poetry: Finding your inspiration


Tools for character and plot creation

10 ways to woo you muse

How to get over writer’s block’s-Block

Writer’s Block Busters: How to Conquer Procrastination So You Can Write More

The Creative Penn

27 Wacky Ways to Beat Writer’s block

Writer’s Block Breakthrough: 18 Ways To Cure Writer’s Block

36 ways to Cure Writer’s Block…-cure-writers-block/

Overcoming Writer’s Block


And more:
Candles by Victoria scent descriptions
Gender Genie
Darkworld rpg character flaws

State Curriculum Lists
Purdue OWL writing lab resources
Punctuation in dialogue


Conferences, Queries, etc
Shaw Guides – learning vacations and programs


Writers Conferences, Preparation and Tips

Joan Edwards: writers conference tips
Kristen Lamb
Margo Dill
Marita Littauer
Yvonne Russel
Educational Resources
education standards


 State Educational Standards

Common Core Initiative

Education World Guide to Curriculum Standards

McRel Compendium of Standards


 Free Book Promotion:


Book review site lists:
Fabianspace SP reviewer list


Editing Tools

Editminion editing tool


Text analyzer

Word counter

Pro Writing Aid

CreateSpace Headers how-to

Free PDF to Word Converter


Rhyming Dictionaries

dillfrog muse

perfect rhyme

The Senses

World Food and Wine – describing food

Touch and Taste

Sound Words



The Bookshelf Muse – Emotion Thesaurus

John Beder, Feeling Faces
Joseph C. Hager, Face and

Pamela Berry. “Feelings Clip Art” Great pictures matched with emotions – Free to look, pay to use on websites and in print.
Steve Hein, “Common Negative Feelings”
Steven Hein, “Feeling Words”

Thinkquest Team: Jason, Lorien, and Elizabeth. gives text descriptions of body when feeling 6 basic emotions

Dictionaries and Reference

Merriam Webster Visual Dictionary
Reverse Dictionary

Google Ngram Viewer
The nonverbal dictionary


Self-publishing and ebooks

Self Publishing Coach
Calbre Ebook Management
WritersGuide to Epublishing

Common Metaphors and Similes

Citation help

Citation Machine



Fair use of Copyright Material – nolo
Fair Use – Wikipedia


Free Photo Sites

Low Fee Photo Sites <– This male model stages & sells cover photos! Check them out; he covers all genres.…FQrxDAodYS3byg includes music and photos

 Free Music Sites

Royalty Free Stock, video, music