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Getting There

I’m getting ready to send out my chapter book, The Angry Little Boy. Well, actually, I’m sitting here writing on my blog instead of going over my manuscript again for typos, grammatical errors, inconsistencies, and the like.

No, really, I’m thinking about it — deep, serious questions like whether to start from the first chapter or the last.

This time probably from the first — I do tend to start from the beginning.

Back when I was renting movies, I had this epiphany when I realized that I hadn’t gotten around to renting the then-new latest Star Trek movie (not this latest one — haven’t seen that one either, though) which was out on video, because it was at the back of the alphabet and I always started looking from the front.

Right then and there I started alternating.

Ah, Procastination, right now your name is Blogging…

Do you outline?

Barbara Ehrentreu’s interview with Penny Ehrenkranz, in which they discuss writing process — and disclose that neither of them outlines when writing — got me thinking about my process —

Nope, I don’t outline either — certainly not on paper. But then, I’ve never written anything longer than 10,000 words or so either — a n “adult” novel (which, at the moment, I have no intention of writing ..) might be a whole different ballgame.

Ultimately, I am too disorganized, and my thinking process too “random” to take easily to outlining. Hey, I can’t even manage to fill out the nice tax planner my accountant sends me every year — I just collect all the bits of paper into a folder and hand them to her. Then she tells me what’s missing.

I do admire folks who outline — I think it would probably help get to a tighter story sooner —

At the moment, at least, I’m not ready to sign up …

Do you outline? Does it help? Are you generally a well organized person?

Promotion and Independent Bookstores

I work in Waltham, MA where we’re lucky enough to still have a thriving indepedent bookstore that promotes local authors, Back Page Books. See the link at the right to their website.

Small press/self-published authors and independent bookstores seem to me to be natural allies.

In any case, I’m a big fan of this wonderful bookstore, and since I hope to see it be around for a long time to come, I’m doing my small bit to promote it.

Self Publishing Promotion

Crystalee Calderwood has an interesting post up on her blog today about self-promotion for small press and self-published authors.

I recently sold a rhymed story to a small press. It’s going to be part of an anthology of children’s stories that is due to appear, hopefully, around Christmas, 2010. I will be far from the only author in this collection — and I expect the publisher to do a significant amount of promotion. And I have a couple more rhymed stories in the works that are candidates for picture books. Chances are that when I do sell them, it will be to a small press —

So all in all I expect — and indeed, look forward to — dealing in the future with the same issues that Crystalee is facing now.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and manage to persuade my local Barnes and Noble to carry my book — whatever it may be — I’d like to think that even chain bookstores are open to promoting local authors.

And if they aren’t, they should be.

Meet Katie Hines

Imagine you have made a secret promise that can lead you to an incredible treasure and an ancient power. But in order to fulfill that promise, you must defeat an age-old sect determined to claim the treasure and power themselves.
“Promise me you’ll find the journal and search for the treasure,” gasped Drew’s dying mother. “It’s your destiny.”
Three months later, three teenagers sat around a campfire roasting marshmallows. Drew Newman is just about to tell his friends a secret when a man steps out of the darkness. The man carries an old fashioned sword and wears a long, hooded cloak. He lifts Drew’s chin with his sword. “Where is it,” the man asks. “Where is the book?” Who is this man and what does he want?

This is the premise of Guardian, Katie Hines’ middle grade urban fantasy, soon to be released by 4RV Publishing.

Katie Hines has been writing snippets here and there as long as she can remember. When in 8th grade, she wrote a short story called, “Underworld.” Then, in high school, she wrote several poems that were published in an anthology.

Marriage and raising two children contributed to putting away writing for a few years, but she came back to it while in her 40s. Since that time, she has been a contributing feature writer and columnist for a local newspaper, has written several features articles for another area newspaper, and wrote religious and humor articles for an online Catholic ezine.

Her short story, “My Name is Bib,” was published by the Loch Raven Review in October, 2008.

Finished with “Guardian,” Hines is currently working on another middle grade urban fantasy novel, as well as a couple of chapter books, and is extending “My Name is Bib” into a full young adult novel.

And be sure to check out Katie’s website,

I know I’m looking forward to reading Katie’s soon-to-be released book.