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Self Publishing Promotion

Crystalee Calderwood has an interesting post up on her blog today about self-promotion for small press and self-published authors.

I recently sold a rhymed story to a small press. It’s going to be part of an anthology of children’s stories that is due to appear, hopefully, around Christmas, 2010. I will be far from the only author in this collection — and I expect the publisher to do a significant amount of promotion. And I have a couple more rhymed stories in the works that are candidates for picture books. Chances are that when I do sell them, it will be to a small press —

So all in all I expect — and indeed, look forward to — dealing in the future with the same issues that Crystalee is facing now.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and manage to persuade my local Barnes and Noble to carry my book — whatever it may be — I’d like to think that even chain bookstores are open to promoting local authors.

And if they aren’t, they should be.