Angels, Devils, and Spirits

rndrbnlogoDo you believe in angels, spirits, ghosts, demons or other ethereal beings or locations? What do you think when they appear in stories? Have you used them in your own stories.

I believe in spirits, and I’m open-minded about ghosts, angels, demons, and any other spirit-like being you might care to name. I’ve used spirits in my science fiction series, Novels of Aleyne, in that the characters pray to them and refer to them and state their beliefs. However, the spirits — as opposed to the characters and their belief in same — don’t appear.

I’m not big on having the actual spirits appear in the novel. I find it off-putting. Part of this may be my own religious background; my family of origin was Jewish. Neither angels nor devils were a part of my religious up-bringing. I’ve enjoyed stories with shape-shifters, but I’m generally less thrilled with vampires, and this in spite of enjoying Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Brown novels and Laurell K. Hamilton’s books.

I  read and enjoyed Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series (the first one), but I don’t recall a lot of page time devoted to the Gods themselves.

Here is an excerpt from “Broken Bonds,” which illustrates my point about the beliefs as opposed to the actual spirits appearing in my work. Brad, my main character, went to pray to the spirits for guidance and has gone to a friend, Noki, for help interpreting the dream they sent him.

Brad glanced up to find Noki’s gaze trained on him.

“The spirits sent me a dream, also, and my vision showed you and Ardaval
swear rolor.”

Brad shook his head.

Noki continued, “Brad, he needs you.”

“He needs Imarin and Nidrani, if what you say is true.”

Noki placed a hand on Brad’s arm. “The spirits move in their own time. The
mending, I believe, is yours if you’re willing.”

“I don’t understand; but then, I suppose it’s not necessary I do.” Brad sighed
and stood. The spirits set him a task, and he’d take it on. He couldn’t put words to
the depth of his love for Ardaval. A rare, precious gift, received when he’d almost
lost hope, but doubtless Noki, at least, would appreciate it. The spirits offered him
this chance, and he’d seize it with both hands. “I’d move a moon for him if he
wanted one. I’ll walk the path set before me.”

Brad nodded to her. Mazos and Amiz and turned and walked away. Behind
him, he heard Noki’s voice:

“Even if the stones on the path cut the soles of your feet.”
* *

Marci Baun
Margaret Fieland
Diane Bator
Beverley Bateman
A.J. Maguire
Fiona McGier
Heather Haven
Bob Rich
Anne Stenhouse
Helena Fairfax
Hollie Glover
Rachael Kosinski
Connie Vines
Skye Taylor
Rhobin Courtright

4 thoughts on “Angels, Devils, and Spirits

  1. Skye Taylor

    I guess one’s faith or lack of, would certainly have a big impact on how one views things like ghosts and witches etc. I’m a Christian so I believe in Angels and I’m pretty sure there is a demon we can’t see whose main job is to lead us astray but I’ve also read books where there are characters of some other worldly type that take away from the story rather than add to it.



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