Nov 22: what’s your favorite food or meal?

Fish, glorious Fish!

I might not have picked fish if I were able to eat it at home, but I’m not. My spouse is deathly allergic to anything that swims in water, so the only time I get to eat it is when I g o out for a meal. Tuna sandwiches at lunch counters, shrimp scampi in fine restaurants, baked stuffed cod or boiled lobster, I dream of you all.

Of course, there are lots of other foods I love, including cheese of all kinds. Not that I should be eating cheese, mind you, but it really is another favorite.

Hmm — now, fish with cheese. There’s a thought.
Marci Baun
A.J. Maguire
Fiona McGier
Judith Copek
Diane Bator
Beverley Bateman
Skye Taylor
Ginger Simpson
Victoria Chatham
Margaret Fieland
Rachael Kosnski
Anne Stenhouse
Heidi M. Thomas
Helena Fairfax
Kay Sisk
Rhobin Courtright

7 thoughts on “Nov 22: what’s your favorite food or meal?

  1. Robin

    Well, at least you always have something to look forward to when you go out, and many top flight restaurants specialize in fish. Our local favorites are trout, walleye, and sturgeon, although I love fish and chips, too.


  2. Heidi M. Thomas

    Unusual to consider fish as your favorite food, but I can understand why! Growing up in the landlocked state of Montana, I didn’t think I liked fish at all, but when I later visited Seattle and tasted salmon cooked over an alder-smoke fire, I became a fan!


  3. Marci Baun

    One of my least favorite foods is fish. Liver, too. LOL I’ll eat tuna as long as it’s dowsed in vinegar, mayo, and seasoned. Shrimp is okay. The rest, I happily leave in the ocean. LOL


  4. Judy Copek

    IF you’re ever in the Boston area, there’s lots of good seafood to be had. Try Legal Seafood or No Name. No Name is on the fish pier and has been there for eons. My favorite fish was the trout my parents caught fly fishing in the Colorado mountains back in the day. We all have our fish stories. 🙂



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