Sandy, dry, and hot

It’s been in the nineties here in New England this week, but on the alien planet Aleyne, where Keth, the main character in my novel Relocated finds himself, it’s sandy, dry, and even hotter.

When Keth’s father accepts a new assignment as assistant to Major Brad Reynolds, head of the Terran Federation base on the alien planet Aleyne, Keth is jerked out of comfortable, secure world on Terra — Earth to us provincial types who have never left the planet — and exchanges an apartment in Washington, DC for the planet Aleyne. Brad is worried about the terrorists, who have been blowing up supplies and running drugs, and he’s convinced they’ve penetrated the computer network on the base as well as that of the Aleyni. But Brad is no computer expert, and that’s where Keth’s dad comes in. He’s an expert in both computers and the Aleyni.

In fact, as Keth learns, his father grew up on the planet and studied with Ardaval Namar, a noted Aleyni scholar. Keth becomes acquainted with some of the alien youths. When his friend’s father is kidnapped, Keth attempts to free him. Will Keth succeed or will he be captured himself? And will he be able to figure out who is behind the information leak and stop the terrorists?

Relocated is the first in the Novels of Aleyne series. Read all about them here

Relocated, a science fiction novel by Margaret Fieland

When fourteen-year-old Keth’s dad is transferred to planet Aleyne, he doesn’t know what to expect. Certainly not to discover Dad grew up here, and studied with Ardaval, a noted Aleyni scholar. On Aleyne, Keth’s psi ability develops. However, psi is illegal in the Terran Federation. After a dangerous encounter with two Terran teenagers  conflict erupts between Keth and his father. Keth seeks sanctuary with Ardaval.  Studying with the Aleyne scholar Keth learns the truth about his own heritage. After Keth’s friend’s father, Mazos, is kidnapped, Keth ignores the risks and attempts to free him. Little does he realize who will pay the cost as he becomes involved with terrorists.




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I wasn’t scared, since Dad told me about the need to take a psi exam. The Aleyni checked for any plant or animal, or whether we planned a terrorist attack. Dad said Federation anti-psi fanatics attacked a couple of times recently, so I understood why they checked carefully.

The examiner set me in a chair. He asked me again if I consented to the exam. When I said yes, the examiner put his hands on the sides of my face, looking into my eyes.

His hands burned hot against my skin. A thousand ants chewed through my brain and a voice whispered questions I couldn’t quite make out. I tried to take a breath, but my throat tightened, and I gasped aloud. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to stop shaking. I shook my head, trying to make the voices go away, and the examiner removed his hands and stared into my eyes for a moment. The buzzing voices stopped leaving my head feeling as though it would burst open. The examiner smiled at me and passed me through the checkpoint. A couple of minutes went by before my stomach stopped heaving, but hammers still pounded inside my head.

Afterward, we walked through the spaceport. I stopped short and stared. I’d never seen a more beautiful place. The flowers planted around the gray port buildings waved in the light breeze, and the air smelled like cinnamon and cloves. Warm sun beat down on my head, and the sound of birds cawing reached my ears. I took a breath of spicy air. The twist in my gut relaxed.

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