Meet Heather Greenis, author of the Natasha Saga

Thanks so much for hosting me.  Heather

Margaret blog

 The fourth book in the Natasha Saga has just come out. Can you tell us a little about this saga?

The saga begins with a young woman from upper class. Her life changes once she volunteers at an orphanage. Unfortunately, there are consequences when she rebels.


What started you writing these books?

I had a dream and it stuck in my brain. I couldn’t get the characters out of my mind. I told my husband about the dream and he suggested I write about it. Allow my imagination to go for it and develop it. A four book saga later…


Of the four Natasha books, which is your favorite and why?

Oh, tough one. The Saga is actually one big book that is broken into four sections. That’s like asking someone which part of a book is their favourite, The beginning, the middle or the conclusion. The first book is an emotional read, the second you get deeper insight into characters. The third offers further development. Each book is a generation. The fourth ties it all together, answering questions, concluding it. People reading the story love the way I tied it together.


Are you planning any more books in this saga?

Nope. Not in the plans. Never say never, but at this point, I don’t see a need. My editors loved the way I ended it. So do a few people that have contacted me. I’m happy with it.


Do readers have to have read the three previous books to enjoy this one?

Each books starts with a small recap, but to understand the plot, the characters, and the moral, it’s advisable.


What do you hope readers will take away from this book?

I simply hope they stop and think. Question the purpose of life. We’re given a short time on this planet, what do you want to be remembered for? The answer to that is personal and changes for everyone. I’d like to think I’ve accomplished something meaningful when I die. That I have made the world a slightly better place. I’ve left a small footprint.


What are your strengths as a writer?

Ask me again in a few years! I’ve learned so much in the past two years thanks to my editors Nancy Bell, Teale Dallas, Sharon Pickrel and Greta Gunselman. I’ve grown and matured as an author. Hopefully, my growth will continue.

What is the best piece of writing advice you ever got? The worst?

‘Make sure the end product is something you’re happy with.’

‘Don’t give up your day job. Not right away’

Completely agree with these.

Worst – give yourself a schedule and abide by it.

Disagree – Writing isn’t a 9 – 5 job. Don’t tell me to write if I’m not in the mood. There are 7 days in a week and a 24 hour clock. I write when I’m inspired.


Do you belong to any critique groups?

No.  My husband is an avid reader of almost any genre.  He is the first to read my  manuscripts and the poor guy ends up reading them multiple times before I submit. He corrects small errors, points out major errors and makes suggestions. He was afraid to be critical at the beginning, but now he’s tough which is great. I’m fortunate.

My niece is also an avid reader. She read the saga years ago and critiqued it. I looked at her notes and rewrote, making major changes. She is the reason my story got published.


Are you a plotter or a pantser?

I begin plotting but am willing to change anything and everything.

I’ll write a scene, give it some thought and rewrite it, more then once. The plot went through some major changes.


What are you working on now?

I have a few stories in my brain.  One is well underway but going through hubby edits. The second is well underway, but hasn’t been seen my any other eyes yet. Who knows how it will end up. The remainder are still bullet points. I’m not rushing any of them. When I have an idea, I open the file and jot some ideas down.


Any last words?

Once again, thanks so much for hosting me. I’m honoured to be on your blog.

I began this process, submitting to publishers in March 2012. June 2014 the last of the saga has launched. Woohoo!

For blurbs, please see my page on my publishers site and click ‘read more’
links to purchase can be found on my website

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1 thought on “Meet Heather Greenis, author of the Natasha Saga

  1. Heather

    Thanks you so much for hosting me. I’m still on an emotional high. Natasha’s Legacy launched on Friday concluding The Natasha Saga.
    One person that comments on this blog will win 1 of the 4 books. Margaret will decide the winner. Simply tell her the format you prefer and which of the 4 books you would like. The proper reading order is Natasha’s Dream, Natasha’s Diary, Natasha’s Hope and the conclusion, Natasha’s Legacy.



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