Setting: Inspiring, romantic, dangerous

bannerfans_962234This month’s topic is what is the most inspiring, romantic, or dangerous setting you have ever read or written?

Let’s start with read. The one that most captured my imagination is James M. Barrie’s Wonderland.

As a kid, I was enchanted by this story. I read and reread Barrie’s Peter Pan many times.  The idea of taking off and flying through the clouds to a strange, magical land captured my imagination. I would run around, my arms outstretched, making airplane noises and picturing myself on my way to Wonderland.

I was also lucky enough to see the original Broadway production of Peter Pan starring Mary Martin when I was a kid. What a thrill. Martin was the perfect Peter, and seeing the actors flying around the stage infected me with a desire to be on stage myself that lasted for years.

Another setting that captured my imagination was the setting of the Alice in Wonderland novels, and the pictures in my mind came from the cartoon. I pictured myself floating down the rabbit hole, furniture flying by, and landing at the bottom. In fact, I dreamed about this for years. I used to reread the Alice books at least once every exam time while I was in college, and I also taught myself to write backward and wiggle my ears. The mirror writing was a huge hit when my kids were little. We used to frequent a pizza place that had a large blackboard and chalk at the front for kids to scribble on. I would usually write,

Help, I am a prisoner behind the blackboard

in mirror writing while we waited. This feat was right up there with my being able to recite most of Peter Rabbit from memory.

As to the most inspiring setting I’ve written about, that is the planet Aleyne from my science fiction novels, Relocated, Geek Games, and Broken Bonds.

You can see a bit of how I picture Aleyne on my Alien Visions and Sand in the Desert Pinterest Boards

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6 thoughts on “Setting: Inspiring, romantic, dangerous

  1. Anne Stenhouse

    Hullo Margaret, yes, JMB is the Master. I wrote a play about him called JMB & M’Connachie which has done quite well in Scotland and the last time I performed on stage was in his Quality Street. Dangerous stuff, but so visionary. Anne Stenhouse


  2. Robin

    Oh goodness, you brought back memories. I also saw Mary Martin in Peter Pan but I think it was a reprise of the show back in the 70s. Those settings made me love fantasy.


  3. Ginger Simpson

    Your post made me realize that I’m a kid at heart. I think I would love to watch Mary Martin as Peter Pan again, and see that Cheshire Cat smiling from the tree limb in another favored fantasy. Thank you for taking me back in time.


  4. Fiona McGier

    For fantasy settings, my favorite has to be the planet of Pern, invented by Ann McCaffrey. I mean, who wouldn’t want to mind-meld with a dragon, so you’d never be lonely in your thoughts again–then when the dragon is big enough, you’d ride on its back through space and time! What a thrill!

    I saw Mary Martin as Peter Pan on TV when I was a kid. And when my oldest son was very young, he “needed” to watch the Disney cartoon at least once a day. Teaching kids to use their imaginations is a wonderful gift. And I love how you amused your kids by writing backwards in public places! You must be a really fun mom!



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