Reading A Game of Thrones

blurbbI started reading A Game of Thrones, and I’m about 275 pages into the first book. I have yet to watch any of the TV series, which is about to enter its fourth season. One of my kids is a fan of the show, and another has read all five of the books. Since I’m more of a reader than a watcher, I decided to start with the books. Maybe I’ll watch the series at some point, just not yet.

My watcher son claims that watching has given him an idea of who’s who and a picture of what they look like, and that it helped him when he started reading the novels.  But that, friends, is exactly what I don’t want, which is how come I’m reading the books first. I want to form my own mental images, form my own pictures, and not view the story through the lens of someone else’s vision. If I see the story through a lens, I want it to be my own.

Are you a watcher or a reader? Both? Neither? Do leave a comment.


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