A Dog Tale

A Silly Story

I got this idea from Maggie Lyons’ blog:

which, by the way, I highly recommend. I wrote the first sentence and now I’m gonna run with it:

Klaus, the Australian Shepherd, hung out in the kitchen, lurking beneath Peg’s feet, hoping she would, as usual, drop a few tasty tid-bits onto the floor, as, careless, she swung the machete she was using to chop the chicken and peppers with wild abandon, leaving a few pieces on the counter and the rest scattered around the room. He swung his large head from side to side. Which tasty morsel to gulp first? Nose to the floor, he started around the room clockwise. A glance told him Peg had started around the other way. She was terribly slow. He managed to swallow most of the chicken before she picked up the first piece, a slice of wing.

“Damn,” Peg murmured. “Maybe that machete was the wrong knife. Now I’ll have to go wring another chicken’s neck.” She stomped out, slamming the door behind her.

Klaus trotted over to the garbage can and leaped on it, upsetting the contents onto the floor. He should be able to get through the better part of the trash before Peg managed to catch up with another of the cluckers out in the yard.


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