Synopsis Time

I’m working on finishing up two successor novels set in the Aleyne universe and am working on the synopses for both, bringing home to me the delicate balance between telling enough to make the plot and character motivations clear and including too much information. I’ll be submitting to MuseItUp Publishing, publishers of “Relocated,” and they request a brief synopsis. One of the novels is another tween/YA, first person, single POV. The second is third person, adult novel, with five POV characters. After several revisions, I’ve got it down to a manageable size and reasonable amount of detail. I’ve had to ruthlessly cut subplots from the synopsis as well as plot details. Soon it’s going to be time to let my babies go and submit the novels to the publisher. I’m eager to get this done, as I’ve started plotting out what I hope will be novel number four. Happy Holidays to one and all.

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