Blogfest week 2 story chain

My assignment: subplot closure
my words jail, concubine, heave

Dio remembered how her stomach had heaved from the feeling of Tony’s hand over her mouth. Who was Tony, and who was Sandy? Dio grimaced. If she could, she’d whisk the two of them off to jail and let the blankety-blank police figure out who they were. As she twirled a lock of hair around her finger, she remembered the name of a club back home. The Concubine. That’s where she’d seen Tony – tending bar at the damn club. She’d look up the phone number as soon as she got home. Right now she had some flying to do.

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13 thoughts on “Blogfest week 2 story chain

  1. lindy

    Not sure why, whether it be the phrase “blankety-blank police”, the twirling of the hair, or the nightclub, there’s a swanky feel to this. I enjoyed your segment. I’d call it “Short and sassy!”


  2. Lora Rivera

    Yes! I’m a huge fan of the sass in this, and I love that you grabbed the feel of his hand over her mouth. So intrusive and scary! Great digging deeper into her POV a bit more.



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