Words matter week 2011 challenge: day 4

Thursday, March 10

Words can be mangled, misused, or misunderstood. What is your funniest example of mangling, misuse, or misunderstanding?

Due to not enough coffee, I can’t think of anything …

But, if you want to mangle, here is a neat site:

You can paste in any text and it will mangle it but still, it claims, leave it readable.

Thuardsy, Macrh 10

Wdros can be magelnd, meussid, or modroetnuissd. Waht is yuor fseiunnt explmae of mglnniag, msiuse, or mrsniantiddeunsg?

Due to not enoguh cofefe, I cna’t thnik of annyhitg …

But, if you wnat to mlgnae, hree is a naet stie:
a hef=rtth”p://wnmorgdlae.com/http://wranomdlge.com//a>

You can ptsae in any txet and it wlil mnlgae it but slitl, it camils, levae it rleaabde.


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