Words Matter 2011 challenge — day 1

Is there a word that has changed, or could change your life? What is it, and what difference would it make?

When i thought about this, somehow I focused on finding a word, or learning about a word, that changed my life. Why this and not the event behind the word: “We’ve accepted your manuscript,” “It’s a boy,” “We’e getting married,” ‘You’re laid off,” or whatever?

I’ve been fascinated with words as far back as I can remember,so it’s hard to pick just one. But I will. it’s “rambunctious,” and I pick it because of my sister and my nephew.

My sister Michele lives in Mahnattan. As my sister tells it. she, a friend of hers and their two kids , both about two, were in a car going someplace. The two adults were in the front seat, the two kids strapped into the back. Both David and the other child were making a ruckus (another good word). My sister turned and glared at them. David stopped, considered for a moment, then said, “Rambunctious.” Where a two year old learned the word I’ll never know.

Here’s another word: “Dammit.” This one is for my son Colin. It was summer, and I was pregnant with my third son. I was pregnant enough that I couldn’t see my feet. Colin was around two (great age for kids words), and I had him on my hip, carrying him up from the beach when I tripped over a root. Colin looked down, considered for a moment, then said, “Dammit.” Unfortunately, I knew exactly where a two year old had learned a word like that

So those are my words for today: Rambunctious, and Dammit.

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