Wednesday Poetry Prompts, Chapter Buddy, and other updates

Every week Robert Lee Brewer posts a poetry prompt on his blog This week’s prompt is to write a shopping poem

Here’s mine — it’s one of my series of “Blues” poems…

No Money, Honey, Blues

Pay is burning in my pocket, stop into my favorite store.
T-shirts, only twenty dollars if you purchase three or more.
I pick up six or seven though I’ve got a dresser full.
I start humming the no money, honey blues.

Next door is the bookstore, and I find I’m walking in,
buy a largish cup of coffee, wander by the bargain bin.
I buy myself a bag full though I’ve already read them all.
I am whistling the no money, honey blues.

Then I’m in the liquor store. I buy a case of wine.
Though I never drink it, salesman says it’s mighty fine.
I fork over ninety dollar. Now my money’s almost gone.
I am singing the no money, honey blues.

My house is overflowing, no more room to fit things in.
I can call Salvation Army, I can rent a storage bin.
I hand my money over and I clear my basement out,
while I chorus the no money, honey blues.

I got my chapter buddy EJ’s comments on my chapter 14 and rewrote parts of the chapter as a result. Ej’s comments are always a great help, and this time was no exception. I sent him my chapter 15, and I’m working on chapter 16. I’m close to the end of my book, and the chapters feel harder and harder to write. Of course, I already have an idea for a sequel. I also have several other book ideas, because I often finish a novel with “but I want to know what happens after that ..”

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