The problem with cranky computers and other status updates

I just sent my chapter buddy, EJ, another chapter of my work in progress, and now get to complain about the difficulty of cutting and pasting from google documents into my word processing software so I could send just the one chapter.

As I read a comment from one of my email buddies about cranky computers, it occurred to me that the reason, or one of them at any rate , is that these interfaces are designed by software engineers. Software engineers, for the most part, just want to get on with implementing the blankety-blank software. Ask them to design an interface and they’ll throw something together just to get you off their backs.

At the moment I’m ready to complain about cranky google documents, which seems to be paging down too far if I click on the bar on the left. Oy!

Of course, I could always download my stuff into open office, work on it, and then upload..

I probably do this about once a week, but since I’m fourteen chapters into my book, and have about 30,000 words, paging down is getting to be annoying, so I may be doing more of this.

The good news is that the writing itself is progressing, at the moment, nicely.

PS: I apologize to anyone (like EJ) who had to wait to see their comment appear. Apparently my spam filter has gotten a bit overenthusiastic. Since I am fortunately extremely paranoid about such things, I did manage to rescue them when I went through my supposedly spam comments today.

2 thoughts on “The problem with cranky computers and other status updates

  1. Susanne Drazic

    Congrats on the progress of your book. Glad to hear that your writing is progressing nicely.

    I’m not great with the different computer programs, so I sometimes run into problems going from one program to the other. I think I have a cranky computer, at times, but it’s probably cranky with me, lol.

    Susanne Drazic



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