Another week for Weekly Chapter Challenge

Well, EJ and I have again exchanged chapters {claps self and worthy chapter buddy on back}, and I’ve started working on comments I received from my in-person critique group, too. Today I’d like to start on another chapter and finish up working through the comments I got.

Oh, yes, and I was able to pass on advice I’d received at a recent teleseminar to fellow WCC-er
Melissa Dean, who will be going to a conference soon.

I didn’t do much writing yesterday — instead I finished eading a nifty sci-fi novel, “Veracity” by Laura Bynum. I highly recommend starting it when you have all day to devote to it…

And here’s one that I plan to buy:
“A New Birth of Freedom,” by Robert G. Pielke

It’s an alternative history sci fi novel. Here’s the blurb:

The world shatters for University history professor, Edwin Blair, when his wife and daughter are killed by an invading force of alien monsters. Life no longer seems worth living and the eminent destruction of everything else he once held dear no longer matters. So when the scientific team tasked with repelling the invasion approaches Blair with a request, he agrees without a second thought.

His task?

Convince Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee to bring their combined armies to bear on the invasion instead of attacking each other at Gettysburg on July 3, 1863.

The fact that they lived and fought 300 years before Blair was even born is the least of his worries.

I absolutely love alternative history sci fi {drool}. But I promise, really I do, to write my chapter and finish my edits before I run out to buy it…

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