Follow our June Booktour

1st Karen Cioffi Virginia Grenier Karen Cioffi is featuring Virginia Grenier
2nd Kathy Stemke Robert Medak Kathy Stemke is featuring Robert Medak
3rd Nancy Famolari Jane Sutton Nancy Famolari is featuring Jane Sutton
4th Margaret Fieland Marietta Taylor Margaret Fieland is featuring Marietta Taylor
5th Vivian Zabel Janet Ann Collins Vivian Zabel is featuring Janet Ann Collins
6th Elysabeth Eldering Debra Eckerling Elysabeth Eldering is hosting Debra Eckerling
7th Helena Harper Nancy Famolari Helena Harper is featuring Nancy Famolari
8th Carolyn Howard-Johnson Heidi Thomas Carolyn Howard-Johnson is featuring Heidi Thomas
9th Mayra Calvani Kari Wolfe Mayra Calvani is featuring Kari Wolfe
10th Marvin Wilson Steven Trent Marvin Wilson is featuring Steven Trent
11th Stephen Tremp Dallas Woodburn Stephen Tremp is featuring Dallas Woodburn
12th Darcia Helle Vivian Zabel Darcia Helle is featuring Vivian Zabel
13th Marth Swirzinski Maggie Ball Martha Swirzinski is featuring Maggie Ball
14th Heidi Thomas Helena Harper Heidi Thomas is featuring Helena Harper
15th Debra Eckerling Gary Murning Debra Eckerling is featuring Gary Murning
16th Dallas Woodburn Brigitte Thompson Dallas Woodburn is featuring Brigitte Thompson
17th Maggie Ball Mayra Calvani Maggie Ball is featuring Mayra Calvani
18th Kevin McNamee Margaret Fieland Kevin McNamee is featuring Margaret Fieland
19th Janet Ann Collins Martha Swirzinski Janet Ann Collins is featuring Martha Swirzinski
20th Katie Hines Kevin McNamee Katie Hines is featuring Kevin McNamee
21st Brigitte Thompson Darcia Helle Brigitte Thompson is featuring Darcia Helle
22nd Marietta Taylor Marvin Wilson Marietta Taylor is featuring Marvin Wilson
23rd Kari Wolfe Jessica Kennedy Kari Wolfe is featuring Jessica Kennedy
24th Jane Sutton Katie Hines Jane Sutton is Katie Hines
25th Gary Murning Elysabeth Eldering Gary Murning is featuring Eysabeth Eldering
26th Jessica Kennedy Carolyn Howard-Johnson Jessica Kennedy is featuring Carolyn Howard-Johnson
27th Robert Medak Karen Cioffi Robert Medak is featuring Karen Cioffi
28th Virginia S. Grenier Kathy Stemke Virginia S. Grenier is featuring Kathy Stemke

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