I acquire a chapter buddy, and said buddy’s new blog

I recently was lucky enough to find a chapter buddy, someone with whom I have started exchanging chapters of my new work in progress. I’m now convinced that I will eventually finish this opus — I’m working my way through a revision, and by the end, it should actually be coherent and readable.

Of course, this now has me obsessing over what I’m going to write next. {shakes head}. Some authors are never satisfied.

Now if y’all are writers and would like to get a buddy, check out http://community.writersdigest.com/
group Weekly Chapter Challenge http://community.writersdigest.com/group/weeklychapterchallenge

And do check out my buddy E.J. Wesley’s new blog, The Open Vein http://the-open-vein-ejwesley.blogspot.com/

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