Good News about my book

My chapter book, “The Angry Little Boy,” is going to be published by 4RV publishing. Here’s a link to their website:

. I’m thrilled!! It’s my first book. I only started writing fiction in 2006, after I hooked up with Linda Barnett Johnson at the first Muse online writing conference.
Here’s a link to Linda’s website:
And here’s one to the Muse Online Conference. Do sign up for the 2010 conference, to take place in October. It’s fabulous, it’s online, and it’s free.

At the time I had no intention of ever writing fiction, but Linda’s policy was that you joined both the fiction and poetry forums or you joined neither. And so I started writing fiction.

The first version of this story was about 5000 words and I wrote it in a weekend. The present version is just over 11,000 and is probably the third major revision.

4 thoughts on “Good News about my book

  1. kathy stemke

    Yipee! I’m so excited for you, Peggy. This is just the first of many books for you. You’re a very talented author and very generous with your time and advice. Thanks for being you.


  2. Barbara Ehrentreu

    Just want to say what a thrill it is to know that you are part of my critique group and that we helped you in any way to get this ready for publication. At the time from what I read I thought it was a story that would interest a lot of kids. Congratulations again!!!



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