Finally — My New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Writers Resolutions

1. Read poetry. This was one of my resolutions last year — and I did well with it. I haven’t read as much over the holidays — time to get reading again.

Trite but true — one of the best ways to improve one’s own poetry is to read lots of other people’s.

2. Write poetry. Write or revise something every day. This is not a problem. What is a problem is remembering to vacuum the house and empty the dishwasher..

3. Finish the draft of my second MG novel. I stopped working on this one when I broke my wrist — but now that my wrist is out of its cast I have no excuse.

3. Submit the math poetry collection to more places — I have some more publishers to check out.

4. Submit more poetry. I did start organizing my poetry — pretty overwhelming. I’ve got hundreds and hundreds of poems. Even though I keep them online in Google documents, the sheer number of poems I want to work on — and want to reorganize — has my head spinning.

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