Happy New Year

My cast is off, so no more excuses for not working on my new MG novel. I’ve accumulated lots of emails from D who kindly copied me on the email she sends to her band students, and I need to go over them for plot points. Have more ideas on how to continue story. Also, of course, need to read over what I’ve got so far. Lots to do there.

Also have to finish going over the publishers I want to send my collection of math poems to. I’ve sent to two so far. Have about six more I want to check out for suitability. After that need to go over list of publishers again to see if I can find any more. No excuses now that I’ve set up my new printer, with some help from my boys — C. had to help me find the USB port on my computer, and M. had to tell me to reboot to get the print queue activated. It’s the little things that get you every time.

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