Books I hated in High School

Today’s topic is I hated … when I had to read it in high school, but when I read it on my own later, I loved it because….

This is a tough one because I try to forget about the books I hate — it’s hard enough remembering all the books I liked.

So I’m going to try here for books I didn’t absolutely love..

Wind in the Willows — so sue me. I found it boring. I reread it later and did like it better, but I still don’t love it. Still, in high school I abandoned it part way through and as an adult I did manage to finish it, which is something, anyway.

Susie Wong — I read this at age 12 or so, at a point where I thought ‘slept with’ meant you shared a bed for the night. I was just too darn young. I reread this later and loved it — the story had me hooked on the second go round. I was in my twenties.

My parents didn’t censor my reading as a kid — they just let me read what I liked. I guess they figured, rightly, that if it were unsuitable, it would just go right over my head. Too, too true.

Anna Karenina — it was required reading. Didn’t hate it, just couldn’t follow all the names. I reread it later, after I’d taken two years of Russian in college, and it made much more sense, because I could follow it.

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