Interview with Nancy Famolari

Here it is: Interview with Nancy Famolari

1.Can you tell us a little about yourself? (i.e. Pets? Where you live? Special interests of hobbies?)
I live on a farm in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. We have dogs, cats and horses. I must admit horses are my favorites. They’re kind, gentle, and loving. At times, they seem almost able to read your mind. We’ve had horses for almost 25 years. I don’t know what I’d do without their friendly presence. I love watching them in the field, and of course, riding and carriage driving.
2.What inspired you to write this story?
When we lived in New Jersey, we raised Standardbred racehorses commercially. Both my husband and I worked full time, so it was important to have help. A Swedish couple owned the farm adjoining ours. For a few months each year, they hosted girls and boys from the Scandinavian countries to work on the farm and get to visit the U.S. One year, she had an extra girl, one who was interested in the breeding aspects of the Standardbred business, rather than the racing. She asked us if we would host the girl for a few months. We were delighted, and Malin became part of our family. She was excellent with the horses, and it gave the boys a sister. When I decided to write a young adult book about horse breeding, the interesting aspect of having a foreign visitor living on the farm seemed perfect. For several years, we had hosted exchange students from Europe and Japan in the summer. Meg’s reaction to having someone new living in the house is the same reaction some of the boys had the first time we hosted a foreign student. In the end, it worked very well for everyone. The boys learned a great deal about several foreign countries and made friends.
3.Do you have a favorite character, if so tell us why?
That’s a hard question. Both Meg and Katrina are wonderful characters. I can’t say either is my favorite. Meg is a typical teenager, and Katrina is such a basically nice person. There is one other character in story that I, and everyone who’s read the book, love, Nicky. His character is based on my Morgan gelding, also named Nicky, and in many respects, he’s the favorite.
4.Tell us a little about your writing schedule. What do you find most difficult, easiest?
I try to write 2000 words a day when I’m doing a first draft. When the draft is finished I put it away for months, then send it to my critique group and finally, do revisions. The hardest part for me is after the book is published, trying to promote it.
5.What are your future writing plans?
I plan to write two more books in this series about Meg and Katrina. In the second book, the girls go to Arizona for two weeks on a dude ranch. In the third book, it’s horse show season and Meg hates watching Cindy, her major rival, drive Nicky in the shows.

Unwelcome Guest at Fair Hill Farm is available from Amazon:
Price: $10.49US
ISBM: 978-1448697120
Publisher: Create Space

11 thoughts on “Interview with Nancy Famolari

  1. Harry Gilleland

    Nice job of hosting, Margaret!

    Good interview, Nancy. I enjoyed learning something about the background that led to the book. Best wishes to you for the new book to be a great success.




  2. Karen Cioffi

    I also enjoyed learning how you came to write your book. What an interesting life you have – hosting exchange students is a wonderful way to learn about other countries.

    Thanks, Nancy and Margaret,



  3. kathy stemke

    Where in PA do you live? My brother, who lives in Mansfield, is a retired vice president of Mansfield State. I agree-the mountains are incredible. When you add beautiful horses and friendly people to the mix, you’re in heaven on earth.


  4. Nancy Famolari

    Kathy, we’re not far from Mansfield. I’m not sure how far, but one of my friends’s son attended Mansfield. I live in Montrose. I bet your brother knows where that is. If you ever visit him, come see the farm!



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