In response to a challenge by Lea Schizas a bunch of us are engaged in writing (or working on an existing) novel to be completed (as per our goal) by October 7.

I signed up. Yikes. So now I’m writing another book — one about a girl whose parents are divorcing and my writing goal is 15000 words. So far I have just over 6200 words. I’m going with chapter titles, as I did in The Angry Little Boy (the one I’m sending out, getting ready to send out, or whatever) but so far book number 2 has not title. 😦

I need a title — more specifically, I need a title that makes sense. I think I’m going to give the !! thing a title and if it doesn’t make sense by the end of the first draft, well, I can always change it…

2 thoughts on “Challenge

  1. Darcía Helle

    The first book I wrote had 3 titles, before number 4 finally popped into my head and stuck. The last book I wrote had 2. Titles can be a difficult thing! I believe I read that Janet Evanovich allows her readers to pick her book titles because she is so bad at it. I now call them “working titles” until it’s actually in book form. That way you have lots of wiggle room!



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