Do you outline?

Barbara Ehrentreu’s interview with Penny Ehrenkranz, in which they discuss writing process — and disclose that neither of them outlines when writing — got me thinking about my process —

Nope, I don’t outline either — certainly not on paper. But then, I’ve never written anything longer than 10,000 words or so either — a n “adult” novel (which, at the moment, I have no intention of writing ..) might be a whole different ballgame.

Ultimately, I am too disorganized, and my thinking process too “random” to take easily to outlining. Hey, I can’t even manage to fill out the nice tax planner my accountant sends me every year — I just collect all the bits of paper into a folder and hand them to her. Then she tells me what’s missing.

I do admire folks who outline — I think it would probably help get to a tighter story sooner —

At the moment, at least, I’m not ready to sign up …

Do you outline? Does it help? Are you generally a well organized person?

5 thoughts on “Do you outline?

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